30 minute home workout program for beginners, warm up and cool down in the video

Who is this program for?
If you have never worked out, that’s the program you start with. Do these exercises and you will quickly get into shape and move along to the next level programs.

If you want to work out for overall health. The exercises are combined in a way in a way to balance your body and prevent injuries.

If you want to work on your abs. There are exercises in the program that neutralize the harm of crunches.

If you want lean arms. We work on the arms so they DO NOT bulk up and DO NOT get huge.

If you want a perkier booty. There are a lot of exercises for shaping the butt.

If your goal is fine-looking thighs, but no big muscles.

For improving your posture.

Here are the workouts in the order you have to do them

Workout 1 – full body workout

Workout 2 – abs, thighs, booty and cardio exercises

Workout 3 – abs, arms, shoulders, chest and back exercises

Workout 4 – booty, back, abs and cardio exercises

Workout 5 – aerobic and strength exercises for the whole body with emphasis on the booty

What is the program like?
The program for beginners is easy. Prepares you, gives you foundations for a good technique of doing the exercises so you don’t get injured. It’s important not to have a strong, numbing muscle soreness, because this worsens the quality of life.

In order to turn something into a lifestyle, it’s good to practice it for a long time. There is a bigger chance to be regular with the workouts if you’re not in pain with every movement.

How to do the program?
Use this program according to how you feel. Read below for some variations.

The only important thing is to follow the order of the workouts. Do them according to the list, don’t mix them up.

The workouts are easy, thus you can do them without a rest day. I.e. you work out every day – start with the first one, in 5 days you get to the fifth and then you start again with workout 1.

BUT if you have strong muscle soreness after some of the workouts, instead of working out again on the next day, invest the time you set for the workout in fast walking. Then, you can continue with the workout you are to do next.

If you want the workouts to be effective, you have to learn to listen to your body. The strong muscle soreness means you need rest. Fast walking is a great, spareful way to increase the heart rate which brings more oxygen to your body and this helps for the faster muscle recovery.

In the first week, you may not work out every day, but every other day, depending on whether or not you have muscle soreness on the day after. Your body adapts pretty quick to the movement and from week two or three it’s highly likely that you won’t get muscle soreness and you will be able to work out every day.

If you have mild muscle soreness, you can work out every day.

What is the difference between mild and strong muscle soreness?
You surely will know if it’s strong. It means that when you get off the chair, all your body hurts and in the first few steps you need to stretch a bit. Or when you lie down and you can’t get up from the muscle cramps in your abs. Relax, I’ve combined these exercises so you won’t get to that part, but people are different and someone can find the pressure a bit much.

How long to do this program?
Up until it gets easy. It’s individually. If these workouts are easy after two weeks, move forward. They can get easy in 3-4-5 or more weeks. Workouts need to be hard, but possible to be done. When they get easy, you need to move forward to the next program. Easy things don’t develop you. In order to move forward, it has to be difficult. It’s 30 minute workout, if you’re going to wave around your hands and legs without getting a bit sweaty and tired, what is the point of working out?!

The benefit from the workout comes from when it’s hard but you still try to hold on for a while. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to make it, the important thing is to try for another rep, to hold on for a few more seconds jumping, etc.

When to take rest from a workout?
When you don’t have the opportunity to work out or have strong muscle soreness.

Can I work out for more than 20 minutes?
Yes, you can. Every workout is about 20-25 minutes. With the warm up beforehand and stretching afterwards, you get a 30 minute workout. If you want to exercise longer, after the end of it, repeat the video from the beginning and do it again, or just do it until the middle. Don’t repeat the warm up. Then, move forward to the stretching and do that as a finish. It’s important after working out to relax your muscles. I’ve prepared a very short stretching, because I know that in the beginning everyone skips it until they feel the benefits from it. And you will feel the benefits in 1-2 months. Then 2 minutes of stretching won’t be enough 🙂

Tell about this program to friends that have never worked out. Talk to each other every day how you feel after the workouts. It’s interesting and motivating to have a fitness partner, everyone in their own home.

Send me a picture of you working out with the program for beginners. I love to see photos. Email me with the headline: Pictures of me working out.

Don’t forget that if you want results as shaping your body, toning and losing weight, you have to combine the workouts with the right cooking plan for you. See what you can achieve with such workouts at home and very delicious cooking plan for, not starving! Write me just three words “I want change” and we start it 🙂 Rumi’s email: change@fitnessrum.com