30 day “Rumfit” challenge: pros and cons


On 25th of May 2015 we start a 30 day challenge with quick and intensive workouts.

Rumfit is a fitness program with constantly changing workouts with functional exercises, done with high intensity. Rumfit workouts include exercises for strength, power, strength and cardio endurance, mobility.

My goal is: quick, intensive workouts, that can be done anywhere because the holiday season is just around the corner. This condition limits the use of equipment and weights particularly. I thought of many versions but I didn’t want step back of the condition the workouts to be done anywhere, because I want this summer everyone could work out at the hotel room, on the beach, at the stadium, anywhere!

The solution: the workouts include 2 parts.

The first part is just body weight. About 15 minutes.
The second part is a corrective of the first part. It corrects the “disadvantages” of the first part. Disadvantage is that back can’t be trained enough without weight/resistance. The second part usually is for back, butt and what I see as disadvantage of the first one. The second part is about 5-7 minutes.

When you don’t have equipment, do only the first part – this is the holiday time, for example. And when you have equipment, do both parts of the workout. It’s not good not to train some of the muscle groups all the time, but occasionally it’s OK.

I film the workouts only in the advance level, i.e. level 3. Look below why is that.

Each workout of the day (WOD) has a name, I think up of very beautiful women names 🙂

Pros of the Rumfit
What I like
I like it because multi-joint exercises are done. I am not a fan of the isolated exercises because they are not helpful in our everyday life. We do biceps curl or triceps kick back really rarely. We usually carry shopping bags but don’t do biceps curl with them. But I also didn’t see people doing push ups on the streets 😀 If you meet me on the street, do a push up, I will do the same. I really would love this kind of greeting 🙂

Women are not treated as weakly creatures, that lift 1 kg (2 lbs) the most. Rumfit workouts give the opportunity women to develop their strength.

Note about the shoes on the photo – I decided to try one of the shoes that Reebok – one of the sponsors of CrossFit – advertises as specially created for CrossFit. Since I put my last Reebok sneakers I didn’t think to go back to my old Nike. There is huge difference. The sneakers have flat sole, I also exchanged all of my daily shoes with flat sole. I have really tightened (I mean not flexible) calves and back thighs. Since I wear flat sole shoes my flexibility gets better. Time ago I hardly touched the floor with my palms when I bend forward and down, now I can hold until I touch the floor with full palm. It’s huge progress for me, because I am not flexible at all. Flexibility is not my nature.

What I don’t like
Rumfit is not for beginners. Usually the combos are done really quickly. Before you decide to do Rumfit, the proper technique should have become your first nature 😀 and you don’t have to think about the technique at all. Of course, the technique is always more important than the speed that you do the exercises, but the goal is to do the exercises with high intensity. It’s better for the beginners to do the exercises slowly, the technique should be the only accent. If you want to do quality workouts your aerobic capacity and endurance have to be developed. The beginners don’t have these qualities yet.

The possibility for injuries are really big, because the exercises are done intensively with weights for certain time. No matter how good the technique is, if you do the exercise fast and with weights that is a challenge, the technique quickly ruins. I.E. it’s not good to train in this style at any price. If you don’t feel it’s your way – if you are not 100% in best shape, don’t train this way.

The exhaustion and difficult recovery. If you always train at your max, do many reps of really difficult exercises you feel exhausted. According to me a good training plan consist of the following exercises: strength, aerobic, isometric, for mobility and flexibility. Not to do all kinds on one day, but to be in your training plan. If you always train until you feel exhausted, it should be so short that when you are done with the workouts you can continue with your daily tasks. Sometimes I film 2-3 workouts per day. After I am done, I don’t want to do anything all day, just lie. The next 2 days, I don’t want to work out. So it doesn’t make sense to do some workouts per day, after that I need longer recovery. Why I do this? Sometimes I want to have ready certain workouts on certain day, it’s related with the production of the video. It has nothing to do with the training and health.

For you
Ask and give your opinion in the comments below. I filmed only 1 workout until now, I tried some, so there is time to change things according to your needs.


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