29 Minute Total Body Tone And Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Level 2


Gorgeous, it’s time level 2 intervals to get longer because we already work out for almost 4 months. We are stronger, more resistant, so we can push ourselves more 🙂 This is a really killer butt workout, but there is no other way, if we want to build muscles in this zone.

If you enter my website for the first time start with the 90 day challenge because the workouts get harder one after the other. If you do the perfect level workouts for you, you do them better.

If you work out for a long time or you want faster visible results try to count calories.

If this workout is easy for you, try the harder version.

Interval training, 3 rounds
39 intervals 30/15, 29 minutes

1. Push ups (chest)
2. Pull over (back)
3. Pike push up (shoulders)
4. V sit with bent knees and activating the back (abs)
5. Santana push up (chest, back)
6. Alternating lunges, raising with little jump (thighs, butt)
7. Leg side raise LEFT (side part of the butt)
8. Balerina squat (butt, inner thighs)
9. Leg side raise RIGHT
10. Sumo squat with alternating side leg raise (butt, thighs)
11. Hip thrust RIGHT leg
12. Hip thrust LEFT leg
13. Both arms row

Which exercise was really difficult for you?
I suppose the hip thrust? And both arms row? 🙂

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