26 Minute Total Body Interval Workout Home Exercises For Total Body Burn And Tone Level 3


Gorgeous, after this workout I had pleasant muscle soreness in my butt, because I started to shoot the videos using 5 kg dumbbells. During the 90 day challenge I shot with 3 kg, because shooting so many workouts was too much for me. Usually I workout with bigger weights and shoot smaller. I decided to shoot less workouts, so I can shoot my real workouts as I do them with bigger weights. It seems that 3 months doing exercises with 3 kg dumbbells are enough to loose trening, but today’s workout was enough to get muscle soreness. If you are thinking to take bigger weights for a long time, now it’s the perfect time.

If you train regularly but don’t achieve your goals it’s time to change something. If you do the same things all the time you can’t have different results. I advice you to count calories.

If this workout is too challenging for, try the easier version.

Interval training 50/15
50 seconds work interval, 15 seconds rest
2 rounds, but if you have time do 3 rounds

After the dash it’s written the reps of Rumi, but you definitely can do more reps 😉 It wasn’t the my perfect training day, but it’s great I worked out 😉

1. Goblet squat + press up – 25, 23
2. Push up – 20+2, 12+8
3. Side lunge RIGHT leg – 19, 15
4. Row RIGHT side – 25, 22
5. Side lunge LEFT leg – 18, 17
6. Row LEFT side – 24, 22
7. Lunge RIGHT leg – 27, 21
8. Single leg hip raise on chair RIGHT + pull over – 22, 21
9. Lunge LEFT leg – 24, 21
10. Hip raise LEFT + dumbbell chest press – 22, 21
11. Burpee without push up – 15, 11 (I wanted to miss this exercise and to sit and have a rest)
12. High-low plank – 19, 15

What are your results?
My results definitely could be better, but I didn’t want to push too harder, I wook the rests 😀


  1. Katerina Naumova 7 January, 2015 at 10:11 Reply

    I was very happy when I saw this video, I had taken 3 rest days and I was looking for a new workout. I used 10 kg in the exercises where you combine two dumbbells but 5 kg per arm i still a bit much for me (for exercises like pull over for example). I felt it in my lower back, so I used 4 kg weights for the exercises that put too much pressure on me.
    This routine was the first for me in 2015, so thank you for this holiday gift :))

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