25 Minute Calorie Burning WorkoutTotal Body Strength And Cardio Mix Levels 3 and 2


This workout is the same for both levels. There is strength and also aerobic part. We will work for all body.

If you haven’t worked out up to now, start with the 90 day challenge, because the workouts get harder every other day, which allows you to train more. If you start with a workout which is hard for you, you will train for some minutes and after that you will quit, because it’s hard. But it is hard now, in some months you will be stronger and these workouts will be just right for you ๐Ÿ™‚

If your goal is to shape up your body and to lose weight , try to count calories.

Level 2 do the following modifications:
1. Burpee โ€“ push up from knees
2. Renegade row – 1 dumbbell only
3. Hip thrusts without weights or on the floor

Circuit workout, 2 rounds are filmed, if you want, do 3
1. Burpee with push up and squat โ€“ 10
2. Renegade row RIGHT side โ€“ 10
3. Static lunge + LEFT dumbbell side raise โ€“ 10
4. Renegade row LEFT side โ€“ 10
5. Single leg LEFT hip thrust + 5kg โ€“ 10
6. Triple abs โ€“ 10
7. Torso raise โ€“ 10
8. Burpee with push up and squat โ€“ 10
9. Renegade row LEFT leg โ€“ 10
10. Static lunge RIGHT + hammer curl + press up โ€“ 10
11. Renegade row LEFT side โ€“ 10
12. Single leg RIGHT hip thrust + 5 kg โ€“ 10
13. High knees โ€“ 50 (doubles) โ€“ level 2 โ€“ middle high knees
14. Dynamic low lunge RIGHT leg (stretch hip flexers) โ€“ 10
15. Dynamic low lunge LEFT leg โ€“ 10
16. Frog clap โ€“ 100 (level 2 – outside-center jump)
17. Crab โ€“ 10 (doubles)

Which exercise was most difficult for you?
Level 2 was it difficult for you to do this workout?

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