240 Rep Frog Madness – Cardio And Toning Exercises 23 Minute Fat Blasting Workout Level 2


This workout is part of the weekly programs. For max results train according to the weekly plan, not with random workouts.

If you didn’t work out until now, first try the 90 day program level 2. Keep doing it until it gets easy for you and after that, try level 3.

If your goal is to burn fat and to shape up your body, you have to combine regular workouts and eating the right amount of food for you.

This workout has harder version.

3 rounds. After each exercise, do 10 frog claps

1. ALT single knee – side knee push up – 10
2. Shoulder press – 10
3. Ballerina squat – 10
4. Leg side raise LEFT – 10
5. Jump squat – 10
6. Leg side raise RIGHT – 10
7. Pull over – 20
8. Abs combo 3 exercises (don’t do frog clap after each)
8.1. Bent knees V sit and knees to the side – 10
8.2. Crunches – 10
8.3. Scissors – 10 doubles

Which exercise did you like most or challenged you?


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