24 Minute Total Body Tabata Workout Home Exercises For Booty Thighs Abs Back And Chest Level 2


Gorgeous, this workout is great for total body. If you can, run during the 10 seconds rest interval. Try to do something more every time and in a year you will have huge progress. Step by step and you will go on the top 🙂

If you train regularly and don’t achieve your goals, maybe you have to change something. If you want, try to count calories.

This workout has a harder version.

Interval training 20/10, 3 rounds
20 seconds work interval
10 seconds rest
Write down how many reps you do each round

Try during the rest interval to keep doing the exercise or run in place.

1. Goblet squat plus press
2. Push up
3. Side lunge RIGHT without dumbbells
4. Row RIGHT side
5. Side lunge LEFT
6. Row LEFT side
7. Lunge RIGHT leg to the back
8. Single leg hip raise RIGHT
9. Pull over
10. Lunge LEFT leg to the back
11. Single leg hip raise LEFT
12. Dumbbell chest press
13. Burpee without push up
14. High-low knees plank
15. 180 degrees jump
16. Leg raise + toes touch

Did you keep doing the exercise during the rest interval?

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