22 Minute Tabata Cardio Workout With Total Body Fat Burning Exercises Level 2


If you want to see visible results in the mirror, you have to combine regular workouts with eating the right amount of food for you.

For new readers: if you don’t have experience with workouts, start with the 90 day challenge level 2. After you finish level 2, you can try the weekly programs, I publish every week.

This workout has a harder version.

3 rounds, 45 intervals 20/10, 10 seconds is the rest interval. If you want, do less or more rounds.

1. Balerina squat + jump to center
2. LEFT leg hand chair stand jump
3. LEFT leg lunge + 1 jump rope
4. Plank jump forward
5. Mill jump
6. RIGHT leg hand chair stand jump
7. RIGHT leg lunge + 1 jump rope
8. Push up – single knee
9. Up-down dog
10. Sumo squat – punch
11. Upright rows
12. Ab knee kicks
13. Upright clap
14. Frog clap
15. 2 jump rope, 1 open jump

Which is your favorite exercise?

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