20 Minute Calorie Burning HIIT Workout



Hallo guys I am back with a new No Rest HIIT workout. This means that it is brutal and you build endurance. No rest interval – 20 minutes torture to extend!

This workout was big fun and there is one exercise I don’t know how to call it. In Bulgarian we call it Gipsy Wheel (in the video I said Gipsy Circle, because in Bulgarian words Wheel and Circle shared 1 word and you know the meaning depending on the sentence lol I am not good in learning languages).

So guys, if you know the name of the second exercise, please educate me 😀

Before every workout I do joints warm up and after that 5 minute high knees. Always start workout with already increased heart rate. This is more important before HIIT because such workouts demands lots of oxygen and hearts suddenly starts to pump fast and the feeling is not good, like you are feeling ill. The idea is to increase heart rate so you start with more than 100 beats, so when you reach 140-150 you don’t feel bad. There is big difference in performance and strength if you do good warm up.

Exercises in this HIIT
20 intervals 30/30 – no rest, total 20 minutes, 4 rounds
1. 1-2-3 high knees, opposite arm to knee
2. Cartwheel (thanks to Katerina for the right name)
3. Long jump forward – jump back alternating legs
4. Plank alternating leg jump
5. Single leg jump – other leg side-forward LEFT
6. Plan left-right jump with straight back
7. like 5. RIGHT
8. Donkey kicks
9. Mini cross lunge+arms
10. Plank to squat jump

Question: what’s the name of the second exercise? Do you like No-rest HIIT?

Rumi: I love no-rest HIIT because it increased my endurance. But at the same time it is a bit less intense than traditional interval trainings in which there is a rest interval. When you rest you gather strength and you can do more work in the work interval. Both approaches are good.


  1. Katerina 24 December, 2013 at 01:06 Reply

    Hi Rumi, the exercise is called Cartwheel. I have never done it before and I’m not sure I have enough space, but I will definitely give it a try 🙂

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