19 Minute HIIT Active Rest Total Body Strength Exercises Fat Burning And Lean Muscles Level 3


If you enter this website for the first time and you haven’t worked out up to now, you better start with the 90 day challenge. The workout bellow is for advanced and it’s appropriate if you have at least 6-12 months experience with workouts.

If you want to see visible results in the mirror, you have to eat the right amount for you.

If this workout is too hard for you, try the easier version.

Interval training with no rest. Change the exercise at every 40 seconds.
1 round is 15 intervals 40/40, 19 minutes. We alternate cardio and strength exercises.
If you want, do 2 rounds

1. Jumping jacks + heel touch
2. Single leg push up
3. ALT feet to hand jump from plank
4. Row LEFT side
5. Jump on RIGHT leg + LEFT knee up + touch floor
6. Row RIGHT side
7. Jump on LEFT leg + RIGHT knee up + touch floor
8. Pigeon crunch LEFT knee
9. Air scissors LEFT leg forward
10. Pigeon crunch RIGHT knee
11. Air scissor RIGHT leg forward
12. Single leg reverse squat LEFT
13. Cross jumps
14. Reverse squat RIGHT
15. Jumping rope

Which exercise was most difficult for you?
I was challenged by air scissors and jumping jacks + heel touch.

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