18 Minute Fat Burning Interval Workout–Brazilian Butt And Lean Legs Exercises Level 2


If workouts are something new in your life, start with the 90 day challenge.

If you work out for a long time, and don’t see the desired results, try to count calories and work out for 20-30 minutes per day.

If this workout is easy for you, try the harder version.

If you want, do it 2 times. Take 2 minutes rest after the first. The rest is walking around the room, not sitting 🙂

Interval training, 24 intervals 50/15
1. LEFT leg lunge + squat
2. LEFT leg side raise
3. 4 high knees + 1 Burpee no push up
4. RIGHT leg lunge + squat
5. RIGHT leg side raise
6. Push up – wide
7. Row LEFT side
8. ALT pigeon crunch
9. Row RIGHT arm
10. High-low plank
11. Pull over
12. Jump squat
13. Jumping jacks
14. Goblet squat + over head press
15. Push up – shoulder width
16. New style High knees
17. V sit with bent knees + back activation
18. Bridge LEFT leg
19. Frog clap
20. Bridge RIGHT leg
21. Frog clap
22. LEFT leg side raise
23. Cross jumps
24. RIGHT leg side raise

How do you feel after this workout?

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