15 unusual tricks for perfect shape


See what other people (who are naturally fit) do without effort. I don’t usually recommend looking at other people, but my observation over the naturally slim people has shown that there is an elementary reason for some of them to be slim. At the same time they eat pizza and drink beer with French fries. However, the pizza is eaten in half, and so are the fries. Or they buy bounty, there are 2 pieces in the package and they eat only one piece. They just eat less 😊Of course, there are exceptions, people who eat as much as they want and they are slim, I’m not talking about them.

Start wearing flat shoes. Not only it’s the closest to barefoot walking, but you will walk more. And walking is the gentlest way to burn energy. On one hand you do not have muscle fever, because this is not a workout, on the other hand you spend energy without increasing your appetite. The workout, especially if it is long and exhausting, increases the appetite because your body needs calories, vitamins and minerals to recover. I often advise clients to start walking, especially if they are over 90 kg, because at such weight it is good to spare the body and to postpone training after 10-20 kg loss. At first they are insecure, but then they like it and start bragging about how many steps they have taken each day. Leave your high-heeled shoes in the office and put them on there, the other time walk on a flat sole.

Install an app that tracks your steps or get a bracelet that does. Bracelets usually come with a phone application. It is addictive to look at how many steps you have taken, how many calories you have burned, and you unconsciously begin to strive for higher goals. Suddenly you find that this is your priority and you find time for it. You learn how many steps are to the store, to the park, to the kindergarten and unconsciously you start making routes and thinking about where to go to make the steps you aim for, even on top.

Instead of thinking that something is forbidden to you, make yourself believe that you try new recipes. There is no need to follow a mono meal plan or the menu of a celebrity, but start cooking real food and be careful how much you eat. We all want to eat more and be slim, but only some people are given that, often not forever. 😊 Accept the facts and decide for yourself: you want to eat as much as you want and be overweight or you want to be underweight and watch how much you eat. Choose one of the them and enjoy your life! Do not bother yourself if you choose to eat and be happy, just accept that you will be in a different shape and enjoy it 🙂 Besides, perfect shape is different for everyone 😉

Buy smaller plates, so you will have smaller portions.

Get some good sleep. People who don’t get enough sleep suffer from fatigue and confuse this with a lack of energy. They compensate by eating more food because food provides energy. If you get enough sleep, you will eat less.

Don’t keep at home food that you know you’re going to overeat and can’t resist. I do not understand people who eat waffles and chocolates in large quantities. But that’s not the point. If I know that I can’t resist the temptation I just avoid it. Don’t buy what you can’t resist and you’re sure that you’ll eat it and then blame yourself. If you are going to eat sinful food, eat it with pleasure 🙂

Don’t tell anyone you want to lose weight! You will be surprised that people often can be sabotaged by family, colleagues and friends who do not believe in them that they will succeed. I advise you not to tell anyone that you have intentions to lose weight. If someone notices that you eat differently, just say “I’m trying new recipes” or “I’m passionate about a new culinary challenge.” And what better proof that you are losing weight if your loved ones notice that you have lost weight without knowing that you are on a diet. People often project on the others their own beliefs, based on their life and reality. And strangely they are really passionate to do so, especially if someone has been inspired to change. It is better not to comment or wish success, instead of talking about difficulties or what we have heard from other people.

Don’t start someone else’s menu. Find a diet that will work for you in the long run. I’ve noticed that people expect miracles in 1 month, and at the same time they underestimate what they can achieve in 1 year. “Just to lose 3-4-5 kg ​​in 1 month, then I’ll think about how to keep them later” – this is the way that unsuccessful people think. Mono menus are an example of this. 1 month of potatoes, then what’s next? If you can follow a mono menu all your life, then this is your way. If you can’t, then you have to find another solution. The most effective way I know is to eat almost everything and be careful with the amounts. Avoid foods that you know you will overdo and eat them rarely. And when you decide to eat them, make it big, so you’ll satisfy your needs for a long time. For example, I love dates. I don’t start them because I can’t eat just 2-3. But when I started, I ate at least 200 g, I even reached a whole box of 400 g. However, afterwards I feel so bloated and oversweet that I have no desire to eat dates for months. See if this method works for you too. Try different things and stick to what works for you. If someone advises you to try another miracle, try it, but don’t do it for a long time if it’s not your thing. For example, I advise customers to eat more vegetables, because they fill the stomach easily and there is less room for other foods. For some customers, vegetable soups work, for others – salads combined with more protein foods or vegetables with high-fat foods. You have to experiment.

Do not underestimate what you can achieve in 1 year. Yes, this is a good time! Everything under 1 year is a temporary change, no matter that you think that in 1-2 months you have found your way of life. Let at least 1 year pass and then draw conclusions.

If you want results, you must regularly do something to achieve them. Very often people say something that something doesn’t work, but they actually didn’t spend enough time to get into the thing deeply. If you want to know if something works for you, try it in its original version and only after it works for you, start making small changes so that it fits you even better. Regular exercises are more important than putting in a lot of effort from time to time. It is better to train 5 times a week for 5-10 minutes than 1-2 times a week for 1 hour. In the first approach, you use your body regularly and you are building habits. If you train 1-2 times a week for 1 hour, there is a high possibility that you will miss it, because it is a lot of time to spend and you have not developed a habit. With such rare workouts you guarantee yourself a muscle fever for the next 3-4 days and doubts about your next workout, should you do it at all or skip it. So how to relate training to something positive if your body hurts a lot every time? On the other hand, the mild muscle fever is motivating because you feel like you have worked.

Choose wisely whose advice to follow based on their experience and achievements. Don’t follow a celebrity’s menu because he/she’s not a nutritionist. Just because someone looks good doesn’t mean he is a weight loss expert. Just because someone has lost weight doesn’t make him a weight loss expert.

Choose to do what needs to be done, not everything that can be done. When you do everything possible, there is a high chance to burn out and quit. Do just 2 things – eat and exercise! It is very simple, but not easy. These 2 things have the greatest impact not only on the way you look, but also to your health. And start with something simple that you can follow now and immediately. Keep in mind that if you bring something new into your life to make room for it, you have to give up something else. Therefore, the easier and less time consuming your choice is, the better chance you have of following it. For example, buy smaller plates to eat smaller portions and exercise for 5 minutes a day. The more ambitious plan you have, the more likely you follow it for just a few days.

Small house activities spend a lot of energy. For example, ironing, mopping the floor, cleaning the bathroom, tidying up, vacuuming and so on. Keep your house clean all the time and stay in shape 😊 Well, if you are super tired and do not have time for such activities, you better stick to a simple plan of 2 important things – eating and 5-10 minutes of training regularly.

Make yourself a plan with achievements and reward yourself. Don’t punish yourself. It is common to punish yourself with starvation after overeating. After overeating you feel guilty, after punishment you feel miserable. That whole behavior is based on no happiness. 🙁 Instead choose to achieve small goals and reward yourself after each one. Often people choose the prize to be food, but I think there are better prizes. To clients who have reduced 10 cm from the waist, I give them an idea to buy a new belt. Or a new dress or a trip. 😊

If you have something else to add, share your experience in the comments 🙂

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