13 Minute Functional Core Workout And Total Body Fat Burning


Gorgeous, a new workout for a 90 day challenge.

There is a harder verssion of this workout.

Interval training
30 seconds work
10 seconds rest

1. Bulgarian split squat (with dumbbell) LEFT leg
2. Downward dog, LEFT leg side rasie
3. Single leg Romanian dead lift LEFT leg
4. Like 1. RIGHT leg
5. Like 2. RIGHT leg
6. Like 3. RIGHT like
7. Hold plie squat (with dumbbells), heel raise
8. Dips on the floor
9. Pull over
10. Hold low squat, alternate side and up dumbbells raise
11. Mountain climber
12. Hold squat 1-2-3-4-5, jump
13. Burpee with push up (on knees)
14. Abs – leg raise and crunch
15. Burpee with push up
16. Plank, arm to opposite ankel, raise arm forward
17. Downward dog – shoulder press
18. Abs – knee hugs
19. Abs – plank, knee to opposit arm
20. Like 10. the other leg

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