10 Signs That The Healthy Eating Has Become Way of Life


Gorgeous, on the way of health and beauty we certainly pass through the topic of nutrition. This is definitely the biggest stumbling stone on the way, although it’s the most natural thing in the world.

We have moved away from the natural laws and we need education what’s normal and goof for us. There are two main reasons for this:

• The food is available. We can eat as many times, as we want. We need just to open the fridge. Let’s imagine that we have to produce our food – to plant, water, gather it and even go hunting. We won’t be able to eat neither that much, nor that often. There will be natural cycles – during some we will eat more (when the crop or catch is good), during others we will reduce the quantity of food. We could even starve (when there is no crop or catch).
• The second reason are ads. They irradiate us with pseudo food. If something by itself is not a source, it means it’s not good. Our menu should consist mostly of foods type “source”. These are foods that are not made from other foods such as vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, milk, seeds, nuts.
I want to show you, what does it mean to make healthy eating the way of life.
Don’t worry if you are still far from the points below. Everyone needs stubbornness and time to achieve this. It doesn’t happen for weeks or even months. It takes years. But what are we going to do with the rest of our lives:)

We will work out, and we will eat smart.

1. Eat when you are hungry. You don’t think about when your last meal was, or when you have to eat. There is no HAVE TO. You eat, because you want (need). For you eating is not a caprice, it’s necessity, just like breathing.

2. You eat in one and the same way, no matter it’s workday or holiday. It doesn’t mean you consume one and the same stuff. It means you take the same quantity, with the same desire, and you receive the same pleasure. Weekends are not for rewarding or overeating.

3. You go on holiday and you don’t eat in a different manner. You don’t think about food more than usual. Holidays mean fun and relax, not overindulgence. You don’t stuff yourself with food, because you don’t need. The food is everywhere and you can eat whenever you want, because you believe in your appetite, metabolism and self-regulatory mechanisms of your body.

4. When you are in new, unexpected situation you don’t go crazy, you take the best of what’s offered. You can’t get out of shape for just a few days, as well as you can’t get in the shape for a few days either  You use the occasion to make different choices, to see how you feel. You take the role of observer of your own feelings and emotions. You meet this new situation with joy and exploratory spirit.

5. You know that feeling guilty is devastating and you just enjoy, even when you know that your choices are not the prefect ones. You are led by 80/20 principle. 80 % healthy, 20% something else.

6. You never start the Change in Monday or 1st of January. If you feel that is time for a change, you start. You proceed smoothly, easily, with positive attitude and desire, knowing that you control the process.

7. You adapt your way of eating according to how much you’ve slept, trained or rested. Every change in the homeostasis affects the way you eat. If you haven’t had enough sleep, you know that you will have bigger appetite, because your body needs rest and gives signal for additional energy (food). And then you take rest instead of food.

8. You keep an eye on your reactions to new food, you gladly experimenting with different way of eating/different foods. You have no expectations. Simply anticipation of what the result will be and then you make a conclusion what works for you.

9. Do not follow someone else’s rules or diets. You are led only by what is good for you.

10. You don’t argue about “What’s the best way of eating”, because you know that there is no such thing. Everything is individual.

Don’t worry if nothing of the above refers to you. The moment will come and you will be able to embrace the above statements. Just go on with training and making the best choices for yourself:)

Do you have anything to add to that list?

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