10 Minute Total Body Fat Burning Workout – Exercises for Lifting Butt Level 3


This workout is part from 90 day exercise challenge for 5 workouts per week. If these xercises are hard for you, there is a light verssion of this same workout.

Interval training, 5 intervals 60/60, 10 minutes

1. From squat jump to air plank (leg extended above the ground)

2. From elbows and knees reach up and down bend knee – LEFT leg

3. Rows – RIGHT arm

4. Like 1. – RIGHT

5. Crokodile push up

6. Swing

7. Rows – LEFT arms

8. All 4s – bent knee backward circles LEFT leg

9. Plie squat lift dumbbells above the head

10. Like 8. RIGHT leg

Which exercise do you like the most?
I liked 9, it really burn glutes, inner thighs, shouulders and back.

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