10 Minute Full Body Workout+Abs and Butt Toning For Fast Results Level 3


Gorgeous, another day from 90 day exercise challenge 🙂 There is a lighter verssion of this workout.
Reminder: If workout on regular bases and don’t see results, you should look at food, literally 😀

A strong core means strong abs and lower and mid back muscles. Core is not only abs!

This workout targets abs without crunches. Try exercise number 4 in advance, in tht video it is on 3:53. Try it 4-5 reps for every side.

No rest interval training
5 intervals 60/60, 10 minutes

1. Push up (I beat my personal best)
2. Jumping lunge LEFT leg
3. Elbows and knees: LEFT leg reach baclwards
4. Sit, LEFT foot on the right knee. Stay on right leg and left palm. Twist left adnd down – touch under. This exercise is more challenging if you return to sitting position. Respectively it is less difficult if butt is lifted off the ground.
5. Jumping lunge RIGHT leg
6. Elbows and knees: RIGHT leg reach baclwards
7. Like 4. RIGHT foot on the left knee
8. Supermen flutters + arms W
9. Rebegade rows LEFT arm
10. Renegade rows RIGHT arm

Which exercise you like the most and the least?


  1. Katerina Naumova 2 October, 2014 at 06:49 Reply

    Yesterday was one of the days I didn’t feel like working out at all 🙁 I had to modify the push-ups after my 10th one and do them off my knees. I kept falling on my but while doing exercise 4 and 7, this one is very challenging! I did the 5 minutes cardio HIIT at the beginning and the Chaturanga was a killer! After the donkey kicks I just couldn’t hold it for 10 seconds. Today I feel muscle sore so I plan to walk less and take the bus on my way back home, but I will still do Day 4 of the challenge 😉

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