10 Minute Butt Shape And Total Body Strength Workout Level 2


This workout is part form 90 day exercise challenge. After doing this workout why not try the harder verssion of this same workout? You already know how to modify exercises and it will be fun and challenging.

No rest interval training, 10 intervals 30/30, 2 rounds

1. Jumping plank
2. From knees and elbows LEFT leg reach up
3. Renegade rows from knees – LEFT arm
4. From knees and elbows RIGHT leg reach up
5. Crokodile push up from knees + backward leg raise (alternating)
6. From elbows and knees LEFT leg backward circle
7. Renegade rows from knees – RIGHT arm
8. From elbows and knees RIGHT leg backward circle
9. Plie squat – hold – raise arms forward
10. From elbows and knees reach backward – alterating legs

Which exercise do you like the most?
I like 9, but from the harder verssion of this workout, there is a link above.


  1. Muri 30 September, 2014 at 05:05 Reply

    Hi rumi. I love your workouts and how you vary them according to fitness level. I have friends who will surely benefit from your video as well as I did.

    Can you share with us the model of your nike shoes? I noticed you had a black pair and a pink bright pair.

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