10/10 Strength Training And Brazilian Butt Exercises Advanced Total Body Workout Level 3


This workout is part from 90 day exercise challenge. Here is the list of all workouts day by day.

You can try this workout in a lighter verssion.

5 exercise combos
Do every combo for 6 intervals 10/10, 2 minutes no rest
2 rounds

Combo 1
1. High knees
2. Chituranga

Combo 2
1. LEFT leg jump lunge
2. Hands on the floor, backwards raie LEFT leg, RIGHT leg half squat

Combo 3
1. RIGT leg jump lunge
2. Hands on the floor, backwards raie RIGHT leg, LEFT leg half squat

Combo 4
1. Push off
2. Squat hold, marching and shoulder circles

Combo 5
1. LEFT arm renegade row, bent RIGHT leg raise
2. RIGHT arm renegade row, bent LEFT leg raise

Do you like this workout?
I liked it so much! 10 seconds seemed eternity when muscles burn and beg for rest!


    • Rumi 17 November, 2014 at 10:03 Reply

      I film with two 3 kg (6.6 lbs) dumbbels, but when I don’t film workouts I use bigger weights. I do this because I want to be able to speak, count and explain during the workout 🙂

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